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The Technology Department is committed to making Sudbury's classrooms engaging places of teaching and learning. Our goal is to foster achievement, creativity and collaboration among all of our students by providing the tools they need to explore and grow. Our department is involved in a broad range of services and initiatives around the district.


Follett Aspen Family Portal
Access report cards, progress reports, the Back to School Packet, and other student information resources.
Access online resources for teachers and staff.
Access online resources for students and parents.

Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC)
The Sudbury Public Schools is actively engaged in securing data privacy agreements with the vendors who provide online resources for our students.

Contact Information

Michael R. OBrien
Director of Technology

Thomas Lanciani
Assistant Director of Technology

Bernie Alicandro
Data Specialist

Andrew Kuhn

Kelly Tessmer

Shannon Famigletti
Curriculum Specialist, Elementary

Elizabeth Kerrigan
Curriculum Specialist, Middle School

Department Telephone
(978) 639-3250