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Transition to Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School LSRHS


During each student's eighth grade year, special educators work to involve the student in transition planning. This is mandated for students who reach the age of fourteen but useful for all students transitioning from the middle school to the high school. The middle school years focus on assisting the students in developing as high a level of academic and social emotional independence as possible while supporting students in their goal attainment. Specifically, special educators focus on developing independent study skills and self-advocacy skills. Close communication is maintained with staff members at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School and with parents during this year of transition.

Contact Information

Stephanie M. Juriansz
Director of Student Services

Jeffrey B. Lappin
Assistant Director of Student Services

Karen Miller
Administrative Assistant for Student Services

Shira Gaudet
Administrative Assistant for Student Services

John Murzycki
Central Office Administrative Clerk

Department Telephone
(978) 639-3202

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