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February 4, 2022 // Superintendent's Update

Dear Sudbury Public School Families:

Sudbury Public Schools is pleased to announce that on January 18, 2022 the Sudbury Select Board approved the use of ARPA (American Rescue Plan) funds to continue a summer general education program for elementary students for this year and next. The SMILE (Summer Math Intervention and Literacy Engagement) program was first offered in July of 2021. The program which was developed to address the impact of COVID on student learning was well received and highly effective.


The SMILE program targets numeracy and literacy skills in a setting that supports social development. Instruction is provided by trained educators and aligns with the Sudbury curriculum. The program can accommodate approximately 200 pre-kindergarten - grade 5 students. Administrative and nursing staff will be on-site to support the program. Bus transportation will be available from Sudbury and Boston hubs.


The SMILE program will run Monday through Fridays, July 11-August 5. Students in kindergarten and grade 1 will have an academic module in the morning (8:30-11:30 am) with an optional social module from 12:00-3:00 pm. Students in grades 2-5 will have an academic or social module in the morning and the afternoon, allowing students who wish to attend a full day a more sustained focus on literacy or numeracy skills while also enjoying the option to attend a social module. All full day students will have the option to receive a school lunch. The Ready for Kindergarten program will run on abbreviated morning and afternoon schedules. A needs-based fee will be charged to families electing the optional social module.


Elementary students will be recommended for the SMILE program based upon school-based assessment data and teacher recommendations. Ready for Kindergarten is open to all in-coming kindergarten students on a space available basis. Invitations will be extended to families in March. Please note that families must commit to all four weeks of the SMILE program in order for their child to be eligible.

SMILE will complement the existing ESY (Extended School Year) program for students receiving special education services per their IEP (Individual Education Plan) by being held at the same location and providing opportunities for inclusion and collaboration.

Sudbury Public Schools is grateful for the opportunity to offer this program again this summer and build on last summer’s successes.