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September 20, 2021 // Superintendent's Update

Dear SPS Staff and Community,

As we begin the fourth week of school, I am beginning to see routines take hold and more of a rhythm to what the school year looks like. I’m sure having five days of school this week will also help! I write today to update you on the status of our COVID Safety Checks. As a reminder, once the checks have begun, results will be posted on a weekly basis on the COVID-19 Resources page of the SPS website.

SPS has been working diligently with our State partner, CIC Health, to launch “Routine COVID Safety Checks.” I am happy to report that the CIC team was working in the district today with some of the nurses to finalize the COVID Safety Checks that will begin on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. On Wednesday 9/22, testing will occur at Noyes, Loring, and Nixon. Testing will begin on 9/23 for Curtis and Haynes. Each school will have a slightly different procedure for testing, due to building logistics and the number of CIC staff that are deployed to Sudbury. Generally, testing will start first thing in the morning and be done class-by-class at the elementary schools and during homeroom time at Curtis. Results are returned to the nurses within 48 hours and the school will communicate the results to families. If there are any positive pools, the nurses will connect with individuals in the positive pool for follow-up testing and contact tracing. The district will continue to communicate with the community when we have positive cases.

Sign-up for testing is a rolling submission. If your student is not tested this week, there is the opportunity to participate by completing the COVID-19 Readiness Form. Testing is a quick and easy process--one you can review by watching this brief video.

As a reminder, we have partnered with Massachusetts Partnership for Youth to sponsor a series of virtual workshops focused on important social-emotional and mental health issues. Please mark your calendars for any of the workshops that interest you: 2021-22 Parent Webinar Series. 

Enjoy the start to fall on Wednesday!


Brad Crozier