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April 5, 2021 // Peter Noyes School Music Teacher Celebrates School Spirit with Music Videos Project

For the last year, Peter Noyes School music teacher Michael Gorgone has worked to keep spirits and morale up while students have participated in remote and hybrid learning.

Gorgone started off by creating versions of the school song in different genres, such as funk, rap and blues, which were included in the virtual announcements sent to Noyes School families as a way to foster school spirit and morale among students and staff. From there, Gorgone started to create video performances of other songs as a way to further this goal. Songs are picked to either match a theme of the month or to share a positive message with the students.

“These sing-along videos became a great way for me to share something with my students that I never have before, as well as a way to keep myself musically creative throughout the pandemic,” Gorgone said. “At a time where I was teaching to a computer screen, without any student interaction, it was nice to get feedback from students that they sang together with their family and enjoyed some of the composition activities that followed.”

The videos have evolved over the last few months as Gorgone has learned about new ways to record the music and videos. Gorgone has partnered with other staff members to include them in the videos, like for his rendition of “Everyday People” by Sly and the Family Stone.

“I like to joke with students about my $0 budget short films, but they always seem to enjoy the multiple Mr. G's and it has even inspired some students to create their own music videos,” Gorgone said.

“The videos just get more amazing as the months go on,” Assistant Principal Kristin Moffat said. “These videos are an inspiration to our students and a great way to highlight the incredible talents of our teachers. Thank you to Mr. Gorgone for being such a great inspiration and morale booster for the entire Noyes School community.”

Going forward, Gorgone plans to continue creating more of these videos and incorporating them into classroom learning.

“This year these videos have turned into more of a ‘Song of the Month’ project where all grade levels collaboratively focus on one song throughout the month,” Gorgone said. “We study the history behind each song/artist, identify the form, and sing virtually together. I look forward to when we are able to have in-person whole school gatherings again and maybe be able to have students and teachers sing these songs together grades Pre-K through five.”

“This is just one example of how our teachers have found creative ways to engage and connect with their students throughout the pandemic,” Superintendent Brad Crozier said. “It is great to see Mr. Gorgone using his passion to help brighten the lives of the entire community while also helping to educate students about the art.”