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September 30, 2020 // Superintendent's Update: Free Breakfast and Lunch

Dear Parents,

We are proud to announce that, effective immediately and lasting through the final school day in December, Sudbury Public Schools will offer both free breakfast and free lunch to all our students. 

Students can participate in the free lunch program by choosing a lunch option from Whitson's menu during morning attendance on their designated cohort day. To enroll your child in the free breakfast program, please complete this form. A separate entry is required for each child you would like to register for the program. Unlike in the spring, this is a one-time sign-up that will last for the duration of the program. 

Free meals will be available to every student for every day of the week, even those learning remotely. Our central hub for meal distribution will be Curtis Middle School, on Wednesdays from 12-2 PM. Families of elementary and middle school students enrolled in cohorts A and B can retrieve up to 3 meals each week, while our full-time remote students will have the opportunity to take home up to 5 meals each week. Middle school students in cohorts A and B will be able to collect and take home a meal at the end of each in-person learning day in place of participating in the Wednesday pick up. Please click here to register to receive meals on your child’s remote learning days. As above, a separate entry is required for each individual child, but the single registration will remain active until the expiration of the program at the end of December. 

Both the free lunch and free breakfast programs are being funded through state and federal assistance. Should those resources be discontinued prior to the programs’ anticipated end date, each will revert to its original pricing structure. The prices for school lunch are $3.00 at the elementary schools and $3.50 at Curtis Middle School, with additional milk costing 75¢ at all schools. Breakfast is offered at each school for $1.50. For this reason, those families eligible for free or reduced lunch benefits are encouraged to complete the normal application process. Please visit the Food Services page of the Sudbury Public Schools website for more information on registering for free or reduced lunch. 

We understand that these are trying times for our students and their families, made no easier by the fact that, according to the most recent data available from the USDA, 13.6% of households with children were challenged by food insecurity last year. Sudbury Public Schools is proud to do our part to ensure all our students continue to grow and thrive through the pandemic. 

If you have any questions about the program please contact Linda St. Hilaire at


Brad Crozier


Sudbury Public Schools