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September 13, 2020 // Superintendent's Update


SPS Families and Staff,

As a follow-up to yesterday’s communication, I would like to share the work we have done to determine that SPS will continue to open in the Hybrid Model. 

As you know, Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School has changed its opening plan to a “fully remote” start for the next two weeks. This action is due to an event Friday night when a number of students disregarded safety precautions at a party. To date, no positive COVID cases are associated with the party.

I spoke to members of the Board of Health several times today and reviewed the cases of people in isolation and quarantine. I learned that the case numbers continue to be very low in Sudbury (less than 11). This information, along with knowing that there were no known cases at the party on Friday night, I feel confident that we can open safely in the Hybrid. The consultation with the BOH and the SPS nurse leader has been invaluable to make this collaborative decision.

As I wrote last night, for more information on COVID-19 symptoms and testing, visit this website.  You can also follow this link to a map of testing sites. Please contact your school Principal immediately should you or someone in your home begin to show symptoms.  For resources and supports related to COVID-19 and the reopening of SPS, please visit the SPS website.  

We look forward to beginning this year on Tuesday for both remote students and in-person. We will continue to reinforce the “3W’s” and our new cleaning protocols in school and we are looking forward to kicking off the year.


Brad Crozier