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September 12, 2020 // Superintendent's Update

SPS Families and Staff,

I wanted to inform the community that we learned tonight that Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School has changed their opening plan to a “fully remote” start for the next two weeks. This action is due to an event Friday night when a number of students disregarded safety precautions at a party. 

I will work with the Board of Health to determine if this incident or any other potential cases in Sudbury will impact how SPS begins the school year. This situation is a reminder that we all need to do our part and make choices that are in the best interest of our students and community.

For more information on COVID-19 symptoms and testing, visit this website.  You can also follow this link to a map of testing sites. Please contact your school Principal immediately should you or someone in your home begin to show symptoms.  For resources and supports related to COVID-19 and the reopening of SPS, please visit the SPS website.  

In closing, I want to extend my appreciation to all who have been working nonstop to prepare for a safe and supportive reopening of schools.  Should we need to adjust our plan at any point in the year, please know that we are committed to safety.  


Brad Crozier