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August 6, 2020 // Preliminary Reopening Plan and Family Designation Form Published

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August 6, 2020

Dear Sudbury Families,

This communication contains important information regarding Sudbury’s Preliminary Reopening Plan. On Friday, July 31st, the district submitted its initial plans for reopening in each of the three required models (In-Person, Hybrid, Remote) and a fully remote model (Sudbury Remote Learning Academy). DESE will review the submissions and provide feedback to districts. Tuesday’s School Committee meeting was canceled due to weather. Consequently, adjustments have needed to be made to our initial timeline. These adjustments are reflected below.


Friday, August 7:
School Committee Meeting, 4-5 pm
Answer Committee questions about the Reopening Plan

Monday, August 10:
School Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm
Answer family questions about the Reopening Plan

Wednesday, August 12:
Preschool Family Forum, 7:30 pm

Thursday, August 13:
School Committee Meeting, 7 pm
Vote on Reopening Model

Friday, August 14:
Family Choice Forms Due by 4 PM
Submission of Preliminary Reopening Plan to DESE

Preliminary Reopening Plan
Our plan reflects recommendations and ideas from a variety of stakeholder groups including teachers, staff, families, town and state officials, and students. The plan has been marked “preliminary” as there is still more work to be done. The plan is linked here and can also be accessed on the district’s website in the Reopening Resource Center.

Reopening Options for Families
After reviewing the plan, families are asked to indicate which model (school-based or fully remote through the Sudbury Remote Learning Academy) their child will attend. Please note that the School Committee has recommended a hybrid model but will be taking a final vote regarding school-based reopening on August 13th. If the School Committee were to vote for a fully remote opening, the Sudbury Remote Learning Academy would not open until such time as the district moved to a hybrid or in-person model.

Some students with substantially separate programming and complex learning needs may be identified at the building level to receive additional in-person instruction within the hybrid model. Families will receive a separate communication from their principal and team chair by Friday, August 7th, if their child is being considered for additional in-person services.

Families are also asked to indicate in the form whether their child will be using school-provided bus or van transportation, if they are eligible to do so. Demographic information is being requested in order to support building teams in forming cohorts and making appropriate programming and staffing decisions.

The Family Designation form is linked here and can also be accessed on the district’s website in the Reopening Resource Center.

We know from staff and family forums, question submissions, and email inquiries that there are still many questions. There is much more work to do. We plan to release a FAQ in the upcoming days which will be updated as we receive guidance from state and local authorities, resolve contractual issues, and firm up site-specific plans. In these anxious and uncertain times, I can assure you that Sudbury Public Schools is committed to your child’s health, safety and educational growth.

In closing I wanted to share with you the phrase the Mental and Behavioral Health Working Group has coined to help students and staff remember the most fundamental safety protocols. They are the “3 Ws”

  • Watch your distance

  • Wash your hands

  • Wear a mask

Wishing you health and safety,

Brad Crozier
Sudbury Public Schools