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April 7, 2020 // Superintendent's Update

Dear SPS Families,

As background information, on Friday, April 3rd, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley advised districts that their local school committees possess jurisdiction regarding the use of school days over April vacation. 

SPS educators and administrators considered the many pros and cons related to keeping the scheduled vacation, and after weighing those factors, recommended that staff and students work through the vacation period. Following this advice, last night the Sudbury School Committee voted to remain in session during April vacation, exempting April 20th in observance of Patriot’s Day.  This means that the last day of school will now be June 17th. The SPS website has been updated with the new calendar recognizing these changes.  

This decision reflects a desire to maintain the continuity of learning for students and prepares for the possibility that in-person schooling may be suspended past May 4th, the current end date of school closures in Massachusetts. It also reflects confidence in the ability of our district to meet the needs of students in an innovative and flexible manner.

As you have seen, today we launched Phase II of our remote learning plan. The early feedback we received was positive, particularly in regard to the robust resources and the excellent work our staff prepared for this phase. We recognize that we cannot replicate a full-day classroom experience remotely.  Instead, we are prioritizing connection and teacher-directed activities to extend or enrich learning opportunities at home.

We will continue to refine the resources and fix any glitches, as we too are building our skills. Please refer any questions about assignments or work to your child’s classroom teacher or building administrator.

We also wanted to share a pilot video from a project we have been working on with a Sudbury based company, KartoonEDU. The 90-second video provides tips on setting your student up for success during SudburyLearns from Home. 

I thank you for your continued support as we work together to support the students.


Brad Crozier, Superintendent

Sudbury Public Schools