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January 30, 2020 // Superintendent's Update Regarding Coronavirus

Dear SPS Families,


The Sudbury Board of Health has released this message regarding the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. To safeguard the health of our faculty, students, and their families, please make note of the all the information included and contact your healthcare provider if you suspect your child is displaying any of the characteristics of Coronavirus. 

On a related note, we have seen many students with flu-like symptoms over the last several weeks. Typical symptoms including headaches and fevers, and there are several students who have tested positive for the flu. 

Please remember to keep sick children home and please do not send them back to school until they are fully recovered, fever-free (without fever-reducing medication) and are eating a normal diet.  

The Sudbury Public Schools care deeply about our students and faculty. Together, through education and clear communication, we can protect the health of our community. 




Brad J. Crozier


Sudbury Public Schools