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September 8, 2019 // SPS Information for Monday, 9/9

Dear SPS Families,

I write to share that the East Middlesex Mosquito Control Project (EMMCP) will complete mosquito spraying on SPS sites before the start of school tomorrow.   EMMCP personnel treated the vegetation on the borders of the school properties (not open flat areas or playing fields) using backpack sprayers.  Spraying will continue to occur town-wide at the edges of town roads via vehicle-mounted sprayers in the coming days. For more details on the treatments, visit the Town’s Department of Health website.

Today, the Sudbury Administrative Leadership Team (SALT), members of the Mental Health Team, and the Lead Nurse met to coordinate district and school-based responses to the EEE threat.  Each Principal will send out a school-based email with more details pertaining to tomorrow’s schedule and plans. Bill Murphy, Director of Public Health, also attended today’s SALT meeting and is planning to attend tomorrow night’s School Committee meeting.  

The purpose of this communication is to acknowledge that this situation may raise anxieties and will change the routines of our children for a while. We encourage families to discuss the change in school routines and recommended precautions with their children in an age-appropriate manner before coming to school.  In addition to the resources specific to EEE which we have previously shared, families may find it helpful to visit the District’s Social-Emotional site which has helpful information about talking to students about challenging topics. 

At school, natural conversations about the change in recess routines (indoor recess at the elementary schools and black-top recess at the middle school) will occur. Teachers will let children know that the changes are a precaution to keep them extra safe in school.  Teachers, mental health staff, or school nurses may have individual discussions with children who have additional questions or concerns.

We hold the student and family in our thoughts during this time, and wish for the best.  We are prepared to support students or families and will continue our efforts to keep students safe.   

My best to you,
Brad Crozier
Superintendent of Schools