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May 18, 2021 // Updated Mask Guidance

May 18, 2021

Dear Families,

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 19, Sudbury’s schools will transition to reflect this week’s updated guidance relative to outdoor mask wearing at schools.  Students will be allowed to remove their masks when outdoors.  This will include when students are at recess as well as when students, classes and groups are working outside.  

This seemingly-small change requires some careful planning in order to keep everyone safe.  Please note the following:


  • Students will be able to take their masks off once they exit the building. 
  • Students are responsible for holding on to their own masks. Students are strongly encouraged to wear clothing with at least one pocket in which to store their masks. 
  • Students will put their masks back on before entering the building. 
  • Students will no longer be restricted to playing in segmented areas with homeroom peers, and are now able to play with classmates across the grade.


  • Students should arrive at school with their masks on.  This will allow for a seamless entry into the building to start the day.  
  • Students riding the bus will continue to wear masks at all times.  
  • Students walking/biking to school should put their masks on before entering school grounds.  
  • Students arriving by car should have their masks on before exiting the vehicle.  


  • Students continue to be required to wear masks on our school buses.  
  • Students walking home or traveling by car may remove masks once they exit the building.  

Teachers will review these new expectations in classrooms tomorrow morning, and I will make a PA announcement in the morning to share these expectations with the school.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to keep our students and our community healthy and safe through this ever-changing environment. 


Jeffrey A. LaBroad