Mission & Vision

  • Mission

    The Sudbury Public Schools strive to enable all students to reach their intellectual and personal potential. The school system, in partnership with families and the community, will work with integrity and respect to realize the shared vision of enabling students to become lifelong learners and effective contributors of society.


    We are committed to excellence in educating students to be knowledgeable, creative, independent thinkers who are caring collaborative members of the school and wider communities.

    Core Values

    • Enhance the learning and teaching process to enable and inspire students to achieve their potential
    • Actively promote personal responsibility and integrity
    • Seek and promote opportunities to advance equity
    • Cultivate a lifelong commitment to community

    Theory of Action

    IF SPS provides:

    • Dlfferentiated high quality instruction
    • Safe school environment
    • Instructional leadership and ongoing professional development
    • The use of data to inform instruction


    • Students will be challenged and their varied learning needs met
    • Capacity of educators will grow
    • Existing achievement gaps will narrow

    Equity Statement

    Sudbury Public Schools are committed to welcoming, affirming, and celebrating all students, staff, and families. 

    Sudbury Public Schools are committed to creating and sustaining a culture that promotes advocacy, equity, and justice for marginalized groups who have been systemically oppressed and excluded.

    Sudbury Public Schools are committed to an anti-bias and anti-racist education that includes and values the perspectives and histories of diverse peoples.