Health Office

  • The Sudbury Public School nurses support the health and well being of all students. Our goal is to provide excellent school health care to all students to allow them to access their education to the best of their abilities. All students deserve to have their health issues acknowledged and addressed. Being involved in the delivery of school health services provides an opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference for each student who comes into the health office.

    As Sudbury school nurses we are committed to giving appropriate, effective care to all students in our charge, providing health assessment including treatment of illness and injuries, management of chronic health conditions, and administration of medications and other treatments. On an average day the health office is a busy and dynamic place. In a typical school year, we log approximately 31,000 health office visits. We welcome calls from parents/guardians to discuss your concerns, and work closely with staff at our schools to make each child's school experience a positive one.

    We hope this site provides basic health information, including school health protocols, health and medication forms, and links to topics of interest. The contact information for each school nurse is listed on the school page. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any health concerns or questions regarding school health issues.

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