Math Club


    Grades 4 and 5


    After School Math Clubs are being established that are open to all students in grades 4 and 5 who are especially interested in and motivated by Mathematics.  The Club activities will not be specifically linked to the regular curriculum, nor will they provide any individual instruction or extra help.


    Part of the club program will involve practice and participation in the Math Olympiad – a national competition held five times per year on specific topics.  (  The competition involves no travel, but provides a challenging and enriching experience for students beyond what they might have in a regular classroom.  The academic level of the competition component is estimated to be grade 6. Beyond the competition, however, there will be activities that are purely for enrichment and fun, facilitated by classroom teachers.  


    Parents will be responsible for transportation at the end of each session.  If your child will go to SED after Math Club, please indicate that below. A user fee of $100 is due from parents who wish their child to participate in the club.


    At Loring School, the Club leaders will be Mr. Jones and Mr. Williams. The sessions will be held after school on full-day Wednesdays and will end at 4:15 p.m.