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     We are encouraging patience with bus transportation when school opens.  

    We ask parents, guardians, and drivers in the area to have patience the first few weeks of school.  New routes, changes to existing routes, road closures, helping new and younger students, and children being late to bus stops are all reasons why a bus may not be on schedule. The bus drivers have been making dry runs of the bus routes in an effort to be sure the stops are safe and efficient, and to familiarize themselves with the routes.  

    Through September, we will be working with drivers and receiving their feedback on the existing routes.  Any requests for changes will be taken into consideration.  

    We will activate the FirstView app in October to make bus tracking possible. We will email out school codes when the app is ready to go.  

    Children are required to be at bus stops 10 minutes before scheduled pick-up times.  Parents of kindergartners and first graders are required to be at bus stops when buses pick up and drop off those younger students. 

    Sudbury Public Schools complies with the laws of the Commonwealth, including the regulations of the Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Education relative to transportation of pupils. The purpose of the transportation system is to aid students in getting to and from school in a safe, efficient, and economical manner.

    Bus routes, stops, and times are subject to change. 

    No-Show Bus or Missed Stop - please call the bus lot directly at 978-443-8631.

    Lost & Found - please call the bus lot directly at 978-443-8631.

    Behavioral Issues - please call the principal of your school.

    Tracking App Issues - please call FirstView directly at 888-889-8920 or by email at support@firstviewapp.com.  

    Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School bus information

Use our drop box any time to submit payments

Use our drop box any time to submit payments

K-8 Contacts

  • Late Bus Information, Issues, Missed Stops, Lost and Found
    Joe Doherty, Bus Lot Manager
    (978) 443-8631

    Lille Mann, Assistant Location Manager
    (978) 443-8631

    Bus Fees, Registration, Safety Concerns
    (978) 639-3215

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