Lunch, Recess & Snack

  • Lunch

    Students eat lunch daily, except on early release days.  Students bring a lunch from home or purchase a lunch and/or drink from our cafeteria. 

    Parents fund student lunch debit accounts online using MySchoolBucks.

    *For the 2021-2022 school year, there is no charge for lunch. Parents do not need to apply any funds to school lunch accounts, and no charges will be debited for students who order school lunch.*

    In the cafeteria, students are to eat only food provided by their family or purchased in the cafeteria. Students may not give one another money, trade, or buy one another food.  Parents of students with allergies must inform the school nurse of the health condition and provide protocol information, in order to ensure student safety.


    Active physical movement and exercise is an important part of the school day. Students go outside for recess daily, except in inclement weather or when the wind chill temperature drops below 20 degrees, when recess is held in the children’s individual classrooms. Appropriate clothing and footwear, based on seasonal conditions, will assure students are safe and comfortable.  Parents should provide a doctor's note should recess activity need to be restricted. 


    Each class has a daily snack break in addition to lunch.  Students should bring a snack each day. Healthy snacks are encouraged.  Parents will be notified if there are restrictions on snacks due to food allergies in their child’s classroom. Children in nut-safe classrooms may not bring these items to school.