• What is School Meeting?

      School Meeting is held a couple of times each month on full day Wednesdays.  During this time an individual or groups of students share songs and talents to the entire Nixon Community.  

      What time does School Meetings start and how long does it last?

      It begins at 2:40 and usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes.

      Will I be alerted if my child is performing?

      You may receive some type of notification from your child's teacher if either they or the whole class are performing.

      Can I dismiss my child from School Meeting?

      Yes, however it is especially important on School Meeting/Community Celebration days that you notify the school by sending in a note in your child's folder, or if that isn't possible, please call the school early in the day.  This ensures that both the office and your child's teacher have ample time to get the details of any changes.  Last minute dismissals create logistical issues when it comes to making sure that all students are accounted for, which can result in delays in buses being released.

      Where do I park for School Meeting?

      Parking can be at a premium during high attendance School Meeting/Community Celebrations. Studens head back to their classrooms after School Meeting/Community Celebration to gather their belongings and to be dismissed.  Unless you are dismissing by car pickup and are sure you will be returning to your care immediately following School Meeting/Community Celebration, you should not park in the car pickup area along the curb.  Parked cars in the pickup line create delays in pick ups and potentially dangerous situations involving cars actively picking up having to go around those that are parked.