• Considerable time goes into the formation of classroom assignments. The goal of the placement process is the creation of balanced,
      heterogeneous classes. Factors considered in making assignments include gender balance, ability, temperament and the need for
      support services. Within the context of forming balanced classrooms, students’ individual needs are considered. Students in grades
      K-4 are told of their next year’s assignment over the summer and will also have the opportunity to meet with all teachers at their grade
      level on the last day of school (Step-Up Day).

      The placement process begins in April at which time parents receive information regarding the process and have the opportunity to
      provide the school with information about their child’s learning style that may impact placement. If parents have a particular concern
      regarding placement they can describe that concern on a Placement Information Form. Such information is carefully considered.
      Requests for specific teachers, however, cannot be honored.

      It should be noted that placement into the sixth grade is handled by the Curtis Middle School.