• Homework is an important part of a student’s learning process and students should expect to receive homework assignments each day. Teachers use homework to evaluate student progress and achievement and they discuss homework expectations with students at the beginning of the school year. The length of time that it takes to complete homework may vary depending on the student’s individual pace. Homework is expected to be done at home. Students who need assistance should ask their teachers. Remember that homework does not only mean written work; reading and reviewing material covered in class and looking ahead to new material are parts of homework that are often overlooked. Long-term assignments help students learn the planning and pacing skills needed to complete these projects. Students are required to use this agenda book to record and keep track of homework. Guidelines for homework are as follows: Grade Amount of Homework 6 average of 60 minutes/night 7 average of 75 minutes/night 8 average of 90 minutes/night If a child consistently spends more time on homework than the guidelines suggest for his/her grade level, parents are encouraged to contact his/her teachers to discuss this matter. Teachers prepare homework for students who are absent from school for two or more consecutive days for excused absences (e.g. illness, death in family). The assignments, requested by parents through a telephone call to the main office, not to the individual teacher, are in the front office by 3:20 on the second day. Parents who have requested homework may telephone the front office at 3:20 to verify that there are assignments to be picked up. The SPS policy states that teachers may not provide work to take the place of instruction missed during planned absences; therefore, please do not request for homework during planned absences. We also have no homework weekends each year that are posted in the weekly Curtis Connection