• Communication

    Effective communication is an essential element to the educational process enabling the partnership between home and school to flourish. The school encourages parents to address any issue or concern (or rumor) to the appropriate staff (i.e. teacher, guidance counselor, special educator, administrator) rather than let it fester. In addition, to report cards and the annual parent-teacher conferences, a number of other opportunities exist to facilitate the ongoing dialog between home and school.

    Calls/Notes to Teachers

    Teachers welcome communications of concerns from parents at any time during the school year. If a parent wishes to speak with a teacher or arrange an appointment to see a teacher, it is helpful to send an email or note indicating a phone number and convenient time to be reached. In this way, the teacher can return the call at a convenient time and minimize disruption to the classroom.

    Communication Folder

    Each student is issued a communication folder at the beginning of the year to use for organizing and transporting notices and homework to and from school daily. You can help by reinforcing the routine of bringing the folder to and from school and checking it for notices and homework on a regular basis.

    EBlast Communication

    The vast majority of office communication is emailed to you.

    Open House (Curriculum Night)

    In September, parents/guardians are invited to attend a general school informational meeting and have an opportunity to meet their children’s teachers in the individual classrooms. This special evening is an opportunity for parents to learn more about teacher instruction, expectations and goals for the children and to gather insight into the details of their children’s daily school routine. This is also an enjoyable way to meet other parents. Parents should attend the evening without their children. Often they will have the opportunity to leave a personal note at their children’s desk.

    School Directory

    A useful directory listing students’ names, addresses, and telephone numbers, class lists, and PTO/school committee/school office numbers is available each year for a minimal fee through the PTO. The directories will first be available for purchase at the “Open House” night event and will continue to be available anytime afterward through the school front office. You may also purchase an app with all the directory information.

    Classroom Newsletters

    Teachers publish monthly classroom newsletters informing families of areas of study, class projects and goals, and classroom volunteer opportunities.

    Students Work Folders

    Teachers may occasionally send home packets of select assignments representative of a student’s work, along with brief teacher comments. This written feedback helps parents keep apprised of student’s strengths and progress. Teachers typically save student work samples throughout the year.

    Friday Flyers

    Informational flyers and special newsletters or messages from school and district administrators are sent weekly via e-mail.

    Newcomer Contact

    For families new to the Sudbury schools, a contact person is available to act as an informative resource, facilitating new families during their transition into the Noyes school community. Starting in September, and continuing throughout the school year, this liaison cordially welcomes families new to the Peter Noyes community by providing introductory packets containing school information along with community resource referrals, and by offering answers to questions.

    After- School Care in Sudbury

    There are many options for before/after- school care in Sudbury. Check your local phonebook under “Child Care Centers” for a listing. Most of the centers listed will service children through age five. If the center is within a normal school bus route, arrangements can often be made to have your child dropped off at the center. There is one program in town that services older children, also. It is: Sudbury Extended Day (978-443-9282) located at Peter Noyes School. Although Sudbury Extended Day uses the school facility, it is an independent, private program.