Visitors are invited to visit the school and be involved in school activities for pre-scheduled activities and pre-arranged visits.  All visitors enter through the front entrance, sign in at the front desk and wear a visitor badge while in the building or volunteering on the campus.  


    Volunteering is a wonderful way to be part of your child’s school experience, and we are excited to have you join us.  Many volunteer opportunities are available through our staff and PTO.  Your presence enhances all we do to teach and support our students.  As a volunteer, you enable enrichment opportunities that enhance the educational experience for students while supporting teachers and staff.  By modeling for students the kinds of behaviors and attitudes they need in order to succeed, you help them to develop into productive citizens of the school community.

    Below are key guidelines relative to safe and successful volunteer experiences:


    • All volunteers enter through the front office.  Never ask a student or teacher to open a door for you.  
    • Sign in at the front desk and obtain a visitor badge from an office staff member.  Visitor badges are worn at all times while volunteering.  Volunteers sign out upon departure.  Don’t forget to return your badge! 
    • If there is a fire/evacuation/emergency drill during your volunteering time, follow the direction of the teachers, silently exiting the building in an orderly fashion. Only return to the building when directed by a teacher or administrator.

    CORI Checks

    All volunteers must have a CORI check completed before they can come into the school to volunteer. Please inquire at the main office and be sure to bring a photo ID to complete the CORI form. CORIs can take up to two weeks to process, so please submit your form early. CORI checks are good for three years.  You can inquire about the status of your CORI on file at any time with the Noyes office.  


    Respecting student and family privacy is of utmost importance, and volunteers are cognizant of confidentiality at all times. All information pertaining to students or staff members is considered strictly confidential. Information gained while working in the school should remain confidential. The only exception is reporting a situation or concern to a staff member.  Parents/guardians who violate student or staff confidentiality will not be allowed to continue volunteering at the school.

    • Only teachers may communicate to parents about student performance. 
    • While many of us enjoy sharing our experiences on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, please refrain from posting photos or movies of students from your volunteer experiences at school or on field trips on social media sites (unless they solely depict your own child and no other individuals).
    • If you do see something you find uncomfortable, let the teacher or administrator know.

    Supporting Positive Behavior

    Volunteers have a role in setting a positive example and tone for student behavior.  By reinforcing the four Noyes Core Values of Respect and Caring, you support the ongoing work of developing our students’ capacity as community members.  Let the classroom teacher take the lead on signals and techniques for modeling and controlling behavior. Support the teacher and get direction from the teacher so that the teacher’s classroom goals are achieved.  Volunteers may offer redirection to students, but should defer to staff members to respond to behavioral or disciplinary needs.  If volunteering in your own child’s classroom, make sure your child knows you are volunteering and let him or her know that you will be there to help all the children in the classroom. 

    Volunteer Opportunities with PTO

    The Noyes Parent / Teacher Organization has guidelines related to specific volunteer opportunities.  Please visit the Noyes PTO website or contact a PTO Co-Chairs for more information.