• Visiting & Volunteering at Noyes

    Parents are invited to visit the school and to become involved in school activities. Please speak with the teacher in advance to arrange a visit so that instruction is not unexpectedly interrupted. For safety reasons, all visitors must sign in at the office and wear a name tag (available at the table in front of the office). Please do not ask a student or teacher to open a door for you.  Upon your arrival, Mrs. Williams, the school secretary, will then call the classroom to confirm your visit.


    Families are invited to volunteer at Noyes.  Many volunteer opportunities exist through our staff and PTO.  Adults who volunteer in the classroom must submit to a Criminal Offender Record Information (“CORI”) check at the beginning of the school year. The CORI is valid for 3 years.  All classroom visits and volunteering must be pre-arranged with the teacher.

    Please remember that while the Noyes community highly values parent/guardian volunteerism, we must all be cognizant of confidentiality. All information pertaining to students or staff members is considered strictly confidential. Parents/guardians who violate student or staff confidentiality will not be allowed to continue volunteering at the school.