• Student Assessment

    Assessment refers to the process by which teachers and parents determine what students know and are able to do. Assessment takes many forms including teacher tests and quizzes, observation, anecdotal notes, logs, skills checklists, journals, student performance opportunities, keeping a record of day-to-day assignments and standardized testing. Assessment is reported to parents in the ways mentioned below.

    Report Cards

    There are three report cards each school year in grades K-5. The first report card is posted on Aspen Follett student information system in early December and the second report card is posted in March (exact dates determined by the school calendar). The final report card is posted on the last day of school. Letter grades are not used in reporting progress. Parent-Teacher Conferences Teachers hold two parent conferences each year, one taking place in November, the second taking place in March. Other conferences may occur on an as-needed basis. These conferences are held on the ILAP/Early Release afternoons noted on the district calendar.