Birthday Celebrations

  • How are birthdays acknowledged in school?

    Many teachers have their own special ways to acknowledge children within their classrooms on their birthdays.  If you would like to organize something special, reach out to your child's teacher to inquire.  Additionally, all birthdays are announced during morning announcements.


    Can I bring in a special snack for my child's birthday?

    Loring does not allow food to be sent to school for sharing with the whole class.


    What is the Birthday Book Club?

    The Birthday Book program this year will run through The Silver Unicorn Bookstore in Acton. To participate in the Birthday Book Program, you may purchase a book online or in person at The Silver Unicorn. An additional $10 will be added to your purchase to support the PTO. Your child will keep the book s/he chooses.

    You may pick the book up at The Silver Unicorn or have the book shipped for an additional $5.

    The Loring Birthday Book Program at The Silver Unicorn