Vision Statement

  • Students at the Peter Noyes School will strive to reach their highest individual academic potential. They will become readers, writers, communicators - mathematically, scientifically and technologically able. Students will gain a facility for and appreciation of the arts. They will be able to think, problem solve, question and take intellectual risks. Students will be able to learn both independently and cooperatively. Students will emerge as curious, confident, life-long learners.

    Students will develop certain attitudes, as well. These include:

    • a belief in the importance of perseverance and effort and a sense of responsibility
    • a sense of respect for others, for human differences, for the school environment and for themselves
    • an awareness of the importance of community service

    To achieve these outcomes, certain conditions for learning will be established and sustained. Students will feel a sense of safety and belonging and that they are part of a caring community. Teachers will recognize that there are many ways to learn and that they need to teach to different modalities and intelligences. Teachers, moreover, will strive to establish a spirit of collegiality marked by sharing, mutual support, continual learning and a commitment to working, as a faculty, on common goals, as well as individual growth.

    Parents and teachers will work together toward achieving a partnership characterized by mutual respect, collaboration, sharing and communication. Parents and staff at the Peter Noyes School will be committed to developing such a learning environment by providing students with opportunities and by setting examples at home, in school and in the community.