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Summer Program

Program Descriptions

The SMILE, SMILE Explore, and ESY programs allow learning in the Sudbury Public Schools to continue into the summer months. 

The SMILE (Summer Math Intervention and Literacy Engagement) Program was developed to address the impact of COVID on student learning and was well received and highly effective over the last two summers. The SMILE Program targets numeracy and literacy skills in a setting that supports social development with instruction provided by trained educators that aligns with Sudbury curriculum.  The program can accommodate approximately 200 pre-kindergarten - grade 5 students.  Additional information about the SMILE and SMILE Explore Programs can be found in the memo linked below. 

ESY (Extended School Year) is for students who receive special education services identified through the IEP process in order to prevent substantial regression over the summer months.  If you have questions about ESY services, please reach out to your Team Chair.


Contact Information

Rebecca Amaral
SMILE Program Coordinator

Sarah Rivera
SMILE Program Coordinator

Annya Pedreschi
ESY Program Coordinator