Team Sports

  • In this region it is not common for neighborhood children to casually meet up and play soccer after school. Almost all sports are organized and you have to join a team in order to play.

    Most teams play only during one season of the year. Sign up for teams the season before. So if you are interested in a winter sport, sign up in the fall. When the teams fill up, no new kids can join.

    There are two main types of sports teams:

    • Town Teams: Everyone is welcome to play on town teams. Some teams may have try-outs to place children on teams with similar skill levels. Most town teams travel to play teams from other Massachusetts towns. The links on this page are for town teams.
    • Club Teams: Club teams are private sports teams. They are more competitive. Children need to try out for club teams and not everyone gets on the team. Club teams are also more expensive than town teams. They may travel to play teams from other states.

    Most teams have at least one practice and one game each week. The practices are usually during the school week and the games are usually on the weekend. Older kids have more practices and more games each week. If your child joins a sports team, expect to do a lot of driving. It is not common for Sudbury families to carpool or take turns driving.

    Each sport has its own culture so be sure to get the phone number of another parent on your child's team so you can ask them questions.


    Played in the fall, winter and spring. The game you probably know and love as "football" is called "soccer" in America.  Sudbury Youth Soccer has teams for children from pre-K to high school, a youth referee program, and indoor soccer during the winter.

    American Football



    Offered in the fall.  Sudbury offers both competitive and sideline cheerleading teams for children in kindergarten and older.
    • Competitive cheer teams:  These teams travel to competitions against other cheerleading teams and perform more stunt cheer moves like lifts, acrobatics, and dance.
    • Sideline cheer teams: These teams may learn a few stunts but focus more on action cheering, encouraging teams at Sudbury youth football games. They travel to perform at games.