Holidays in America

  • We hope to answer some of your basic questions about holidays in America with these guides for new families.

    Why are there pictures of rainbows and gold on my son's math homework? What is a groundhog? Why are children in costumes ringing my doorbell at night? What does it mean when my coworkers invite me to join a pool? Why are there so many red foods at this cookout party? Why are all of my Muslim neighbors dressed so fashionably today? What is eggnog? Why is everyone saying things that don't make sense today and then laughing? What are valentines? Why is there a parade? What is a lion dance? Why does my Jewish friend not want to eat my fresh-baked bread today? Why is the grocery store selling bags of plastic eggs? What does the rainbow flag mean? Why does this holiday have two different names on my calendar? Why is there so much traffic today? What greeting do you use on Thanksgiving? Is there school? Is that a religious holiday? Are the stores open? How do Americans celebrate?

Holiday Guides