Visiting a School

  • Procedures When Visiting:

    • The doors are locked at most American schools so that no strangers can enter the building. To enter the school, you must ring a bell and tell a staff member who you are through an intercom.

    • All visitors must check in at the front office. You will be asked to sign your name, write the time of your visit, and wear a visitor's badge. You should not walk your children to their classroom or enter the building without stopping at the office. This lets the staff know who is in the building and helps to keep all the students safe.

    • Parents can request an interpreter for any meetings with teachers or the principal. You can also request written translations of vital documents. (Please tell us in advance so we have time to hire someone.)

    • American schools do not require parents to help at the school, but volunteers are welcome. Parents can volunteer to read books to their child's class, help in the library, or chaperone a field trip. If you want to volunteer, we can help you to find a role that works for you.

    • To volunteer at a school, you must complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) form. This ensures that everyone who works at the school is safe to work with children and has not broken U.S. laws. These forms are available at the school office.

    Entering a School

    Signing In