Benefits of Bilingualism

  • According to research, there are many, many benefits of being bilingual or multilingual (and no detrimental effects at all.)

    Multilingual children show strength in:

    • Mathematics
    • Metaphors
    • Metalinguistic analysis
    • Creative fluency and flexibility
    • Organization and processing of incoming speech
    • Focusing
    • Blocking out distractors
    • Pragmatic skills and interpersonal sensitivities

    And, of course, there are numerous social and cultural advantages to speaking multiple languages.

    Are you trying to teach your children multiple languages?

    Keys to Success:

    • Be positive about multilingualism.  Value this skill as prestigious.
    • Maintain 40-60% of your child's day in each language.
    • Keep it low-stress and fun.  If your child is unenthusiastic, don't force them to speak a certain lanugae but let them know you'll be continuing.
    • Make it meaningful.  Find family or social situations where the target language is necessary for communication.
    • Be patient if they only want to answer you in English.  It's a phase. They'll thank you when they're older.


    Ask us.  We can find answers for you, send you links to books or articles, or even connect you with Dr. Flynn, an MIT professor who spoke about the benefits of multilingualism at an event in October 2018.  Here are some additional resources on the topic: