• Highly Specialized Strands

    At Sudbury Public Schools, there are a number of highly specialized programs to serve the diverse needs of students. Below are brief descriptions of each program.


    Learning Centers/Skills Classes (All Schools)

    • Serves students grades K-8, with all disabilities, in a wrap around services delivery model that includes in class and/or pull out support for students.
    • Students are taught academic skills for content as well as organization and executive functioning.
    • Individual and small group instruction with multiple methodologies in areas of: written expression, literacy and numeracy.

    Language, Achievement, and Beyond - LAB Program (Loring/Curtis)

    • Serves students grades 3-8 with language based learning disabilities
    • Provides specialized instruction with a systematic and multisensory methodology in either a co-taught or substantially separate structure with both individual and small group instruction in areas of literacy and numeracy
    • Particular emphasis is placed on reading, writing and math instruction including: phonemic awareness, decoding skills, reading comprehension and written language

    STEPS/LEAP Program (Haynes/Curtis)

    • Serves students with intellectual, neurological and/or communication disabilities
    • Designed to encourage:
      • Acquisition of core content in reading, math and writing
      • Development of language, social and daily living skills
      • Development of self-advocacy skills
    • Sub-separate and small group learning in general education content area classes
    • Community focused experiences to address functional application of skills in daily life

    Foundations/Flex Program (Noyes/Curtis)

    • Provides highly-specialized instruction and services to students primarily with autism, communication, self-regulation and social/pragmatic language needs.
    • Customizes instruction for student’s unique interests and learning styles with a focus on social emotional and behavioral needs.
    • Students participate in both inclusive and sub-separate settings.

    Partner Program (Haynes/Curtis)

    • Serves students with Autism Spectrum Disorders as well as other students who require Applied Behavior Analysis programming.
    • Supports with comprehensive, specialized and intensive behavioral supports.
    • Community focused experiences to address functional application of skills in daily life.
    • The program is in collaboration with The New England Center for Children (NECC).

    Access Program (Nixon/Curtis)

    • Serves students primarily with social emotional disabilities in grades K-8.
    • Students participate in a continuum of full and partial inclusion and sub-separate classes
    • Students receive academic supports as needed across subjects.
    • The psychologists/school adjustment counselors provide ongoing therapeutic support and social skill instruction. BCBAs work in consult with all staff.

    Bridges (Curtis)

    • This program serves students in both general and special education. The goal of the program is to support students on an individual level to return to the general education setting or receive support in a more therapeutic setting with customized access to school opportunities. 
    • This program can support students reentry after a long-term absence from school or can support students who may need more intensive, long-term academic and social emotional services.
    • Services provided to students returning to school are:
      • Direct clinical supports and related services
      • Academic coordination
      • Family engagement with wrap around community-based services
    • Consultation with BRYT Program (Bridge for Resilient Youth in Transition)