Homeroom/Team Placement

  • On August 16, 2023 at 4:00 PM, SPS will be posting Homeroom teacher assignments for students entering grades 1-5 and Team assignment for students at the Ephraim Curtis Middle School. Incoming Kindergarten families and new elementary students will be receiving a paper mailing with placement in the days that follow.

    You will be using the same Aspen Family Portal account that you already use for report cards, progress reports, updating contact info, etc.

    To locate the placement information, click on the Family top tab.

    Family Tab

    Click on your child's name and look for the field labeled Placement.

    If you have multiple children, you can just click back on the Family top tab again as a quick way to bring up your list of children.

    While you are signed into Aspen, also take a few minutes to fill out the Back to School Packet for your children before the opening of school.

    To sign into Follett Aspen itself, click on the link to Access Follett Aspen to the left.