ESY Processes & Procedures

  • At every Team meeting, the Team members must consider the need for Extended School Year (ESY) services based on eligibility criteria. Decisions regarding a student's eligibility for ESY must be based on data and evidence collected over the course of the year following vacations/breaks and is primarily based on the following: 

    • evidence of substantial regression
    • the likelihood of substantial regression
    • an inability to recoup skills within a normal period of time
    • an extremely slow rate of learning
    • significant memory issues which impact the rate of learning

    Recommendations must be documented on the IEP on:

    • the N1
    • the Service Delivery grid
    • the Nonparticipation Justification page of the IEP

    And include:

    • specific program and/or service recommendations (what services are needed in order to prevent substantial regression and the amount of services needed to prevent substantial regression), and
    • how the ESY service will be coordinated across program components