IEP Implementation & Availability

  • Upon receipt of an accepted, signed Individual Education Plan (IEP), all aspects of the IEP are immediately implemented. All Sudbury staff members are notified of the students receiving special education services within their class/program. IEPs are available for each general educator who instructs a student with an IEP and for other staff members who are working with the student.

    All general education staff members are responsible for reading the IEPs of each of their students and fully implementing assigned components.

    At the middle school, Special Education Liaisons meet with their general education team teachers prior to the first day of school to share pertinent information regarding students and their IEPs. IEPs are put on google docs and all teachers and staff members (administrators, nurses and other support personnel) working with particular students access their IEPs for review in this manner.  As IEPs are reviewed and updated, the Liaisons notify the student’s teachers and staff members that a new or revised IEP is available for their review.  Unified Arts teachers are notified each trimester of the students with IEPs within their classes and are then able to access and review the appropriate IEPs.