Team Process/Convening the Team

  • The school district shall convene a team meeting within forty-five (45) school days after receipt of the parent/guardian’s written consent to an initial or re-evaluation allowing for time within that same period for written proposal(s) to be received by the parent/guardian. If consent is received at least thirty (30) school days before the end of the school year, the school district shall ensure that a team meeting is scheduled no later than fourteen (14) days after the end of the school year.

    The school district shall convene the team and review the IEPs and the progress of each eligible student at least annually.  Additionally, every three (3) years, or sooner if necessary, the school district shall, with parental consent, conduct a reevaluation consistent with the requirements of federal law.  Special education liaisons are the Team Chairs for annual reviews and schedule those meetings. The Special Education Team Chairs schedule all initial evaluations and reevaluations within their school and/or program area. 

    The "Team" includes the following members:

    • The child’s parents/guardians
    • Chairperson (qualified to supervise or provide special education/is knowledgeable about the general curriculum/is knowledgeable about the availability of resources in the district/a representative of the district who has the authority to commit the resources of the district)
    • Regular education teacher
    • Special education teacher/provider
    • The student, when transition is discussed
    • An individual qualified to interpret instructional implications of evaluation results
    • Others determined necessary by the Administrator of Special Education
    • Other individuals at the request of the student’s parents
    • A representative of any public agency who may be responsible for transition services
    • A person knowledgeable about placement issues

    If the Team Chair is absent on the day of a scheduled initial meeting or reevaluation the principal may appoint another member of the school team as a temporary team chair, if desired, or the principal may opt to cancel and reschedule the meeting.

    Parents/guardians are essential members of special education teams and outreach efforts are made by the district to enlist the involvement of all parents/guardians.  This is done by maintaining open communication regarding the team process and through scheduling team meetings with sufficient advance notice.  In addition, parents/guardians are offered alternate means of participation including conference calls and other technological communication formats.  In the event that a parent/guardian does not respond to the district’s request for participation in the team process or is unable to attend and participate, the district’s efforts are noted under additional information on the proposed IEP.  This would include dates of phone contacts, emails and letters sent.  The intent of the Sudbury Public Schools is to involve parents/guardians in the team process as fully participating team members.

    If, on the day of a scheduled team meeting, a school member of the team is absent, the Team Chair will communicate this information to the parent/guardian, when possible in advance of the designated team meeting time.  With parent/guardian approval the Team Chair may utilize the Absence of Team Member Form and request the appropriate signatures.

    Initial and Reevaluation Team meetings are scheduled by the Team Chairperson.  The Special Education Liaison schedules Annual Review team meetings.  The Team Chair or Special Education Liaison will send the parent/guardian the meeting invitation (N3 and N3A) at least fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.  

    When possible, the person scheduling the team meeting will call or email parents/guardians with suggested meeting times prior to sending the Meeting Invitation (N3) and the Attendance Sheet (N3A). Efforts are made by Team Chair and Special Education Liaison to determine a mutually convenient time within the constraints of school working days and hours.

    Sudbury Public Schools conducts reviews at least annually and reevaluations consistent with federal law providing that a reevaluation is conducted at least every three (3) years unless the parent/guardian and district agree that it is unnecessary and a reevaluation is conducted no more frequently than once a year unless the parent/guardian and district agree otherwise.