• Reevaluations are completed at least once every three years unless the parent and the local education agency agree that a reevaluation is unnecessary.  A reevaluation shall occur not more frequently than once a year unless the parent and the local education agency agree otherwise.

    The process for reevaluations is implemented by the Team Chairs and includes the following steps:

    • An educational assessment including a history of the student’s educational progress in the general curriculum is completed using the Educational Assessment A and B forms (28R/1) and is a mandated component of every reevaluation.  The Team Chair oversees the completion of the Educational Assessment.
    • The Team Chair, in conjunction with the liaison, reviews existing evaluation data on the child including but not limited to:
      • Evaluations and information provided by the parents/guardians
      • Current classroom-based, local, or state assessments
      • Classroom-based observations
      • Observations (verbal and/or written) by teachers and related service providers

    On the basis of the review and input from current providers and the child’s parents, Team Chairs identify what additional data, if any, are needed to determine:

    • Whether the child continues to have a disability
    • The current educational needs of the child
    • Whether the child continues to need special education and related services (specially designed instruction and related services)
    • Whether any additional modifications to the special education and related services are needed in order for the child to meet the goals in the IEP and to participate, as appropriate, in the general education curriculum.
    Key Points for Reevaluations:
    • Do not require the completion of specific assessments other than The Educational Assessment (28R/1)
    • The Educational Assessment (28R/1) is a mandated component
    • The above-bulleted questions must be able to be answered through the reevaluation process

    Reevaluation procedures are implemented when it is suspected that a student may no longer be eligible for special education or for a particular service or related service.