Principal's Welcome

  • A Message from Mr. LaBroad

    Haynes School is an exceptional place to learn and grow. Every day, students engage in learning that is targeted to meet their needs, in an environment where every child feels supported. Community and excellence are the hallmarks of our school. Together we work to foster independence, responsibility and personal choice, while taking care of ourselves and each other. Students thrive as trusted, capable, valued members of our school community.

    With students at the center of everything we do, Haynes values development of the whole child. Students engage in a rigorous curriculum led by talented educators. Teachers focus on student progress in Sudbury’s learning standards, while developing dynamic experiences in which students question, explore, make mistakes and find solutions. Since our opening over 60 years ago, Haynes has long been a pioneer in educational innovation, and has been recognized routinely for its education program. We know that learning is very much a social experience. To that end we focus on teaching students social competencies and how to develop and sustain healthy peer relationships.

    Our faculty and staff are dedicated to exceptional teaching and learning. They are engaged in continuous professional learning and development, and routinely collaborate with professionals across the district and beyond. Students and staff are supported by an unparalleled group of parents and families that strengthen the teaching and learning that take place. Both parents and teachers rely on one another for partnership and support as they work to create the best environment in which all children thrive.

    Welcome to Josiah Haynes Elementary School!

    Jeffrey A. LaBroad