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  • Sudbury Public Schools is a member of the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO), a voluntary integration program founded in 1975.  Sudbury welcomes approximately 70 K-8 students from Boston as part of the METCO Program.  Students from Boston via the METCO Program participate in all aspects of the academic and extracurricular life of the schools and are supported by the METCO Director and staff.

    It is our belief that the METCO experience should provide a strong academic foundation in a learning environment which is rich in cultural and educational diversity.  Diverse learning experiences will help to prepare students for a world that is increasingly multi-racial and multicultural.  The Sudbury METCO Program is committed to making sure that each student finds their intellectual identity while developing the social capital necessary to expand their horizons. Our objectives are to:

    • support and empower each student to achieve their academic potential through active student engagement, self advocacy, and building interpersonal relationships with administrators, staff and their peers;
    • assist and guide each student through the curriculum's demands and support students as they strive to balance their academic and social journeys through the Sudbury Public Schools;
    • engage with each student in ways that highlight their strengths and interests and provide opportunities to leverage those abilities through valuable real-life experiences;
    • collaborate with and support families in the Sudbury METCO Program;
    • increase and maintain partnerships/collaborations between Boston families and Sudbury families;
    • celebrate the accomplishments and successes of students in the METCO Program;
    • provide opportunities for student leadership.


METCO in Sudbury

  • The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) was created over 40 years ago by urban and suburban educational collaborators who believed that all children should have access to quality education in suburban school districts. The Sudbury Public School PK-8 system enrolled its first students on January 27, 1975, when 40 students were placed in the five Sudbury Elementary Schools. Currently, this grant-funded program supports 70 students annually. Students completing grade 8, and any other student(s) leaving the Sudbury METCO Program, are replaced with the number of new elementary students needed to maintain the set number of 70 for the next fiscal year.

SPS Equity Statement

    • Sudbury Public Schools are committed to welcoming, affirming, and celebrating all students, staff, and families. 
    • Sudbury Public Schools are committed to creating and sustaining a culture that promotes advocacy, equity, and justice for marginalized groups who have been systemically oppressed and excluded.
    • Sudbury Public Schools are committed to an anti-bias and anti-racist education that includes and values the perspectives and histories of diverse peoples.  



  • Important Dates:

    • Tuesday, September 19: General John Nixon School Open House
    • Wednesday, September 20: Peter Noyes School Open House
    • Thursday, September 21: Josiah Haynes School Open House
    • Wednesday, September 27: Ephraim Curtis Middle School Open House (Grade7 & 8)
    • Thursday, September 28: Ephraim Curtis Middle School Open House (Grade 6)


  • Leslie Smart
    METCO Director

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  • Monique Grannum
    Middle School Program Coordinator
    Middle School Bus Monitor

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  • Charles (Chuck) Shaw
    MIddle School Bus Monitor

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  • Justine Acosta
    Elementary Bus Monitor

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  • Cristhian Oros
    Elementary Bus Monitor

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  • Department Phone
    (978) 639-3220

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