• Lunches

    Lunch periods are organized by grade level. The first lunch period begins at 11:10 a.m. and the last period ends at 2:00 p.m. Students have a 25-minute recess period, (outdoors unless the weather is very bad), followed by a 25-minute lunch. The monthly menu appears on the school and district website and in the Town Crier. Families may pay for lunches in advance myschoolbucks (www.myschoolbucks.com). Details can be found on the district website. Students are expected to, on a rotating basis, serve as table washers and sweepers. For the safety of those students allergic to peanut butter, there is a “Peanut Free” table. Students may pay for lunch on a daily basis or in advance, by check, on a monthly basis. In addition to the choice that appears on the menu, daily alternatives include salad, bagels, baked potatoes and yogurt.


    Students typically have one recess period per day (no recess on early Wednesdays). Recess monitors and assistants supervise this recess. Students need to come to school prepared for outdoor recesses for all weather days. Students are also asked to check with the office prior to bringing outdoor toys from home.



    We welcome parents/guardians to volunteer to help during our lunch/recess periods.  Adults may sign up here.